[VNNET]Thread Fake View Count for XF2

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  • teste85

    2 years ago

    Help i have this ErrorException: This domain mbdsite.com not license in VNNET, please contact admin@vnnet.org in src/addons/VNNET/FakeThreadView/Setup.php at line 21

  • markoroots

    7 months ago

    Hi there, I have installed the plugin but is not clear how it work. I have set it for a test in this way: Fake Count per time: 48 Set time add fake view: 2 Max Count 2000 just to test it seeing the difference in few time of some thread visualization. Now all the threads of the forum with less then 2000 views are all shown as 2000 views, all threads. Is there a way to come back to the orinial values and understand what haven''t worked. Thanks in advance. Marko

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